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Ukrainians see parliament as most corrupt institution - poll

MPs outdo doctors and the Cabinet of Ministers.

Ukrainians see parliament as most corrupt institution - poll

Ukrainians consider parliament to be the country's most corrupt institution, as revealed by an opinion poll carried out by Gorshenin Institute on 8-17 February.

Respondents were offered to choose up to three sectors or institutions they believe to be most corrupt. The following results were obtained:

- parliament, 38.8 per cent

- healthcare, 29.8 per cent

- Cabinet of Ministers, 27 per cent

- courts, 26.2 per cent

- prosecutor's offices, 25.8 per cent

- militsiya (unreformed police), 19.9 per cent

- customs service, 12.9 per cent

- education, 12 per cent

- army, 10.4 per cent

- National Bank of Ukraine, 10.3 per cent

- fiscal (tax) service, 6.6 per cent

- local authorities, 6.2 per cent

- police, 4.3 per cent

- other, 2.2 per cent

- difficult to say, 14.6 per cent

The survey found that over half of Ukrainians believe that the rate of corruption has increased over the past year. Some 26.3 per cent said they strongly agreed with this statement while 34.3 per cent "rather agreed". There are 16 per cent of those who feel corruption has decreased and 1.9 per cent feel confident about it. Some 21 per cent of the respondents found it difficult to answer.

Overall the sample, based on the key social and demographic characteristics of the Ukrainian population, included 2,000 respondents aged 18 and above from all regions of Ukraine (excluding the occupied territories of Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions). The quotas included an area of residence, gender and age of respondents. The margin of error does not exceed +/-2.2 per cent.

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