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Parliament proclaims action plan for 2016

The basis of the plan is 370 tasks.

Parliament proclaims action plan for 2016

"The basis of this plan is 370 very specific, subject tasks to be implemented by the government together with the Parliament and the President. Each tasks contains clear for everyone actions, those responsible, terms and expected results," the message says.

The action plan of the government includes the following priorities:

I. Independent European Ukraine:

1. Security and confidence

– visa-free regime with the EU for Ukraine;

– national security and defence capacity of Ukraine;

– policy of restitution (reintegration) of Crimea and Donbas.

2. Effective government

– reform of the state management;

– fight against corruption;

– electronic management;

– creation of the system of strategic communications.

3. Law and justice

– reform of the police;

– reform of the emergency service;

– court reform;

– free legal assistance;

– penitentiary reform.

4. Energy independence

– introduction of new market models;

– energy security;

– reformation of the coal branch;

– new quality of utilities;

– energy efficiency, energy service;

– renewable energy.

5. Ukrainian national identity

– national cultural product;

– national and patriotic upbringing;

– cultural diversity of Ukraine;

– national sports;

– touristic Ukraine for Ukrainians and guests.

II. Decentralization – strategy of the national success:

1. Decentralization and regional development

– creation of an effective management system of regional development;

– legislative maintenance of the decentralization process;

– accessibility and quality of administrative services;

– strengthening and encouragement of local authorities responsibility.

2. Establishment of communities

– establishment of well-off communities and their stable development;

– strengthening of the communities’ resource base;

– public and governmental control over the local authorities.

III. Care for everyone:

1. Education is basis of new country

– effective net of educational institutions;

– updated contents of education;

– education for everyone;

– science and innovations.

2. Medicine of Ukraine’s future

– "Money follow the patient" – a new standard of medicine;

– updated first medical aid;

– new system of public purchases of medicine;

– public health – protection and promotion of the health of the nation;

– availability of qualitative and effective medicine.

3. New opportunities for youth

4. Decent work is the basis for promotion of social well--being of all the citizens’s

– European standards in labour sphere;

– addressness of the state social support;

– reformation of the pension system;

– subventions;

– accommodation is the well-being of everyone.

5. Safe environment

IV. Favourable business conditions:

1. New tax inspection: service instead of fiscal pressure

– tax reform;

– reduction, reorganization of the State Fiscal Service;

– electronic services in the State Fiscal Service.

2. Effective regulation

– reduction/ abolition of permissions, licenses;

– enhancement of the bankruptcy procedure;

3. State service to be electronic

– open data and electronic date for population.

4. Made in Ukraine

– privatization of public enterprises;

– effective and transparent public purchases;

– development of infrastructure;

– support of exporters;

– development of foreign markets for agrarian products;

– development of farm and cooperative agrarian economy;

– land reform.

As reported before, at the Conciliation Board of the Verkhovna Rada on 14 March, President’s envoy Stepan Kubiv stated that the President spoke for the complete renewal of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Deputy head of the faction"Petro Poroshenko Bloc" Oleksiy Honcharenko confirmed that at the Board on Monday the faction was considering Finance Minister Natalie Yaresko, Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovyy and Speaker Volodymyr Hroysman as candidates for prime minister.

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