Ukrainian parliament accepts top prosecutor's resignation

The decision was taken by 289 MPs.

Ukrainian parliament accepts top prosecutor's resignation
Viktor Shokin
Photo: Vadym Krutyvus

The Ukrainian parliament has accepted Prosecutor-General Viktor Shokin's voluntary resignation.

Draft resolution No 4122 was supported by 289 MPs. Shokin did not attend the parliament session.

According to the constitution, the prosecutor-general is dismissed by the president on parliament's consent.

Shokin resigned in mid-February on President Petro Poroshenko's request. This issue was in a package with voting on the Cabinet of Ministers' dismissal. However in March, the Prosecutor-General's Office said that there was not enough votes in parliament to have Shokin dismissed and thus he continued in his job.

Shokin, 63, was appointed prosecutor-general on 10 February 2015. Much criticism was levelled against his office over apparent lack of progress in investigating notorious cases of abuse and corruption.