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Ukraine's Odesa regional prosecutor fired

Mykola Stoyanov failed to pass vetting.

Ukraine's Odesa regional prosecutor fired
Mykola Stoyanov

Acting Prosecutor-General Yuriy Sevruk has told the Ukrainian News agency that he will dismiss Odesa regional prosecutor Mykola Sevruk already on 15 April since the vetting procedure has now been complete.

Later in the day, a prosecutor of the Prosecutor-General's Office, Vladyslav Kutsenko, said that Stoyanov was dismissed from his post and from prosecution as such. According to Kutsenko, the first deputy prosecutor of Odesa Region, Oleh Zhuchenko, will temporarily be in charge.

Kutsenko said that a new prosecutor of Odesa Region will be appointed only after the Council of Prosecutors, which is currently being formed, nominates a candidate for prosecutor-general.

"From now on, in accordance with the law 'On prosecutor's office", any personnel decisions regarding the appointment or dismissal of heads of regional prosecutor's offices can only be taken on a recommendation from the Council of Prosecutors. I think this agency will be set up in the coming days, this is the body of prosecutors' self-governance," he said.

The Prosecutor-General's Office said on its website that Stoyanov had been dismissed following am examination of his personal file.

Earlier this day, President Petro Poroshenko called on Sevruk to dismissed Stoyanov as the one who failed to pass vetting.

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