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Ukraine's international reserves at 14.1bn dollars

An increase observed for fifth consecutive month.

The international reserves of Ukraine as of 1 September have amounted to the equivalent of 14.103bn dollars. The volume of reserves has been growing for the fifth month in a row, although in August the growth was at an insignificant 20m dollars, the central bank said in a statement on 5 September,

The increase in reserves was mainly thanks to the placement of bonds of domestic government loan of 368.3m dollars. However, these revenues were wiped out the sale of dollars at the interbank foreign exchange market (with net sales at 13.4m dollars), the payment of foreign currency debt (305.8m dollars) and debt to the International Monetary Fund (54m dollars).

Currently, the volume of international reserves Ukraine covers 3.6 months of vital imports.

In early 2016, the NBU reserves were at 13.3bn dollars.

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