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​Health ministry signs co-op deal with UNDP

The agreement opens way to drugs procurement from 2016 national budget агтвы.

​Health ministry signs co-op deal with UNDP

"This event opened way to the purchase of drugs at the expense of 2016 state budget funds. We are working hard to sigт agreements with other штеуктфешщтфд organizations in the near future and launch the procurement job to the max," Suprun wrote.

Suprun says UNDP, along with other international organizations have helped Ukraine to conduct efficient procurement of drugs, thus enabling Ukrainian patients to receive high-quality and affordable medicines.

"Finally, we have provided all the clinics with vaccines, and patients with drugs necessary for their health," she wrote.

The acting minister pointed out that as of October 11 92% of drugs purchased for the funds of 2015 budget have been delivered.

On 29 September, the Ministry of Health announced plans to begin procurement of drugs for the funds of the 2017 state budget in January.

In February, the ministry pledged to save 60% of the funds by procuring medicines through international organizations.

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