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Parliament passes bill to let first-wave contract troops leave service

The military who have signed a contract until the end of the ATO are allowed to leave service.

The Ukrainian parliament on 6 December allowed servicemen, who have signed contracts to serve until the end of the special period and have served at least 24 months, to leave service.

The bill was supported by 239 MPs at 226 minimum required.

The resignation of these servicemen at their request is carried out within the time framework and in the amounts determined by the central executive, which, in accordance with the law, are in command of military forces, no later than one year after the law enters into force.

In the beginning of the special period, the Armed Forces of Ukraine offered contracts timed "until the end of the special period."

Such servicemen have not been able to cancel their contracts.

Parliament earlier adopted a bill allowing for early retirement but President Petro Poroshenko vetoed it, saying that the document enables a large number of servicemen to resign at once.

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