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Broadcasting council fears Radio Vesti in for trouble

The regulator doubts the company's ownership data.

Broadcasting council fears Radio Vesti in for trouble
Yuriy Artemenko

The head of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasing Yuriy Artemenko expects that the decision to extend the license of Radio Vesti will be "uneasy", since the Council has doubts about the outlet's true owners.

In an interview with LІ published on Monday, Artemenko expressed the that the real owner of the Radio Vesti may be Oleksander Klymenko, a former minister of revenue and fees in the government of Yanukovych.

Meanwhile, the alleged current owner Tatyana Aleksandrova has hardly had the money to purchase and run Vesti.

Aleksandrova, who did not seem to have enough competence to run a media outlet, were unable to explain to members of the council how she hired the station's personnel and never saw the business plan.

Late last year, the National Council refused to extend broadcasting license for Vesti.

On 23 January, the outlet's team appealed in an open letter to the European community for support.

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