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Georgia refuses entry to Putin's bikers

"50 bikers wanted to enter the country with a provocative goal."

Georgia refuses entry to Putin's bikers
Night Wolves
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The Georgian Foreign Ministry said that Russian bikers from the pro-Putin biker club Night Wolves were not allowed to enter Georgia.

The country's Interior Ministry said a group of bikers intended to arrive in Georgia yesterday through a checkpoint.

"We are talking about 50 bikers who were heading to the country with a provocative goal in the framework of events dedicated to 9 May," the report said.

"Calm down, they are not coming," Georgian Interior Minister Heorhiy Mgebrishvili said answered the journalists' question about the visit of Kremlin bikers to Georgia. The minister provided no other explanations.

Deputy Interior Minister Shalva Khutsishvili said Russian bikers were refused entry to the country in accordance with the legislation.

"There is a law that regulates the entry of foreigners into Georgia, their stay and departure, and it was on the basis of this law that the decision was taken. A border guard on his own discretion may require a person to provide information on him or her self, the purpose of the visit and other information, and take decisions based on this," Khutsishvili said.

On 30 April, the leader of the pro-Putin motor club, Oleksandr Zaldostanov, aka "Surgeon", told a press conference in Brest, Belarus that the Polish border guards denied entry to a group of bikers that started from Kaliningrad, Sputnik Belarus reports.

Last December, Night Wolves received a Putin grant for "motorcycle pilgrimages."

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