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NABU raids chair of Kyiv's court

The searches in Vovk's office and at home are within a probe into the judge's illegal enrichment

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) conducts searches in the offices of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv, the court's spokesman judge Bohdan Sanin wrote on Facebook 26 May.

He said that "people wearing NABU insignia have been searching the court's building since 7 am.

The court's deputy chair Yevhen Ablov suggested that searches were in connection with the fact that the District Administrative Court is considering two cases against the NABU. In one case, a public organization appeals against the creation of the Public Organization under the NABU. In another case, an organization appeals against the appointment of the Bureau's first deputy director Gizo Uglawa.

"Judge Ablov was questioned as a witness by the NABU yesterday and confirmed that NABU has intervened in the cases where the NABU is a party," Sanin added. He suggested that the search could have been sanctioned by a Lviv district court.

Update. The online publication Judicial and Legal Newspaper reported that searches are held in the office of the court's chairman Pavlo Vovk in his absence.

Ukrainian News agency has said with a reference to a source in the NABU that the searches in Vovk's office and at home are within a probe into the judge's illegal enrichment.

According to Vovk's declaration of assets and incomes, he owns a collection of paintings, icons, stamps and coins.

Vovk is a candidate for the post of a Supreme Court. The Public Council of Integrity had earlier questioned the data in the candidate's declaration over his extravagantly expensive property and luxurious travels abroad.

Vovk has been working in public positions for all his life so the source of his wealth look quite suspicious.

An investigative TV program previously reported that Vovk in 2013 flew to Norway on a private jet, the rent of which exceeds the judge's annual salary.

Back in 2015, Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko threatened to dismiss the entire District Administrative Court of Kyiv.

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