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SBU dismisses separatist reports on "saboteur detention"

It says the reports are inconsistent.

SBU dismisses separatist reports on "saboteur detention"
Olena Hitlyanska

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has dismissed as fake the separatist reports on the detention of Ukrainian "saboteurs" who were planning to blow up the TV tower in Donetsk.

SBU spokesperson Olena Hitlyanska made a statement to this effect when she was speaking to the Tyzhden weekly magazine.

"This information is fake. When it is said the first time, it sounds like a tragedy, the second time it sounds like a farce. Yesterday there were SBU employees in Crimea, now they are in Donetsk. What is most interesting is that they report on the detention of SBU employees, then in the text it turns out that this was a special operations forces regiment of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, and then they say that they were promised recruitment into the security service for their subversive activities. They could have tried to be more careful in preparing their materials. A fake story should be credible, not just a selection of mismatched phrases," she said.

Earlier, the self-proclaimed separatist Donetsk people's republic said that it had detained a group of saboteurs in Donetsk, who were led by a Special Operations Forces serviceman, Oleh Suherey. The group was allegedly to blow up a TV tower in Donetsk's Petrovskyy district.

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