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Ukraine now relaying TV signal to northern Crimea

Five Ukrainian TV channels are reportedly available in northern Crimea.

Ukraine now relaying TV signal to northern Crimea
Photo: Depositphotos/Rangizzz

Ukraine has started broadcasting TV channels in test mode to Crimea from the village of Chonhar in Henichesk District of Kherson Region, according to Serhiy Kostynskyy, a member of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine.

"Digital television has been put into operation in test mode on the Chonhar transmission tower (Kherson region). Thus, UA: CRIMEA (National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine), 5 Kanal, TONIS, ICTV and Black Sea TV are now accessible in northern Crimea in DVB-T2 standard," he quoted the director of the Telemerezhi Ukrayiny company operating the TV tower.

Standard multiplex signal will be available as of 1 September (0.3 kW) and as of 1 November (1 kW).

"I would like to ask our compatriots living in Yani Qapi (Krasnoperekopsk), Dzhankoy, as well as in Krasnoperekopsk and Dzhankoy districts, to direct their digital antennas at Chonhar and catch the signal," Kostynskyy said.

There are plans to broadcast five more Ukrainian TV channels, he added.

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