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Ukraine sends education law to Venice Commission for review

Minister will take the law to the Council of Europe next week.

Ukraine sends education law to Venice Commission for review
Photo: Photo: presidential press service

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry on Thursday sent the new law on education to the Venice Commission for examination, the minister Pavlo Klimkin said on the program The Right to Power on 1+1 TV channel on Thursday evening. Klimkin added that Education Minister Lilia Hrynevych will also pass the law next week to the Council of Europe.

The minister stressed that Ukraine does not violate any international agreements. He recalled that the Charter of Regional Languages and National Minorities envisages three options: full-time education, part-time education, and individual subjects.

Under the adopted version of the law on education, starting next September, preschool and primary education can be carried out in the language of national minorities with parallel learning of the state language. In secondary school, children will be taught in Ukrainian, while the language of a national minority will be studied as a separate discipline.

The new edition of the education law came into force on 28 September.

Hungary pledged to block any Ukraine's European integration initiative because of linguistic norms of the new law.

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