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Protesters dismantle controversial filling station in Kyiv

Police used tear gas against them.

Protesters dismantle controversial filling station in Kyiv
Photo: Max Trebukhov

A protest by around 300 activists and local residents of Kyiv's Poznyaky neighbourhood evolved into clashes with police late on 4 October. The protesters destroyed a filling station in Revutskyy Street and put up resistance to police by throwing eggs, tyres and construction rubble.

Police reinforcement was called in after a patrol was encircled by the protesters. Police reportedly used tear gas.

At least several people were hurt in the clashes, including Kyiv councilor Oleksiy Novikov and an underage protester.

The conflict around the construction of a filling station has been on for several months now. The city took efforts to terminate a lease agreement to the land plot and suspend the construction. However, according to some accounts, the construction did not stop.

Local residents consider the filling station to be a hazard, including to the nearby Sonyachne lake and several education establishments located in the area.

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