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Poroshenko: combatting corruption my top priority

The president assures that he would fight corruption even the pressure of the West.

Poroshenko: combatting corruption my top priority
Photo: Photo: poroshenko

President Petro Poroshenko regards the fight against corruption in Ukraine as a priority of his presidential policy.

"I organize the combat against corruption in Ukraine not for the sake of visa liberalization or in connection with the IMF tranche, but because the fight against corruption is the priority of my presidential policy. I have created independent anti-corruption bodies – NABU and SAP, which work effectively hand in hand with the other institutions and are already showing first results," Interfax-Ukraine quoted the president as saying at a panel discussion in the World Economic Forum in Davos on Friday, 26 January.

Effective anti-corruption policy is one of the main requirements of the West to Ukraine, which heavily depends on international financial assistance.

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