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Tuning for Mercedes Sprinter: what can be changed? Ad

Although such a concept as "auto tuning" appeared relatively recently, attempts at a "homemade" modernization of the car were observed even at the dawn of the auto industry. Almost immediately after the cars began to produce the conveyor method, many motorists began to think: how can you improve your iron horse and make it unique?

Translated from English, the word "tuning" means "setting." Tuning the car, the owner adjusts it for themselves, changing, as far as possible, the factory characteristics. You can change almost everything: there are accessories and components on sale for both external and internal auto-tuning of any cars.

The tuning program, or the so-called tuning list, is made taking into account the wishes and financial possibilities of the motorist. This may be exterior, interior, technical tuning, or all at once.

There is an erroneous opinion that tuning is carried out only for cosmetic purposes - to change the appearance of the car. In practice, the modernization of the interior / exterior is closely intertwined with the technical improvement of the car. Take for example the tuning of the Mercedes Sprinter. Its completion, without the need to make changes in components and assemblies, it is possible to improve the comfort, safety and visual perception of the machine. For this reliable workhorse, demanded by private car owners and commercial organizations, they produce a wide range of tuning elements

How to modernize the low-load cab, popular in Ukraine?

Optics and fog lights are traditionally in great demand. Those who have to travel a lot in difficult weather conditions along our non-ideal roads do not need to talk about the benefits of such tuning. 

Special attention should be given to the rails - they increase the functionality of the car, and protective arcs (kenguryatnik) - a spectacular element that provides additional insurance of the front end. Do not forget about all kinds of linings and spoilers - in addition to the fact that they perform aesthetic functions, these elements improve the aerodynamic qualities of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. 

The same applies to the body kit, the main thing - to choose high-quality accessories and ensure their proper installation. You will find everything you need for your Sprinter in the DDaudio online store.


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