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Parliament cancels incremental increase of eco-tax

MPs decided not to increase the rate to 25 hryvnyas by 2022.

Parliament cancels incremental increase of eco-tax
Photo: Max Levin

Parliament amended bill No 9260 on tax rates in 2019, which was adopted two weeks ago.

The amendments provide for an increase in the tax on carbon dioxide emission from 0.41 hryvnyas to 10 hryvnyas per tonne.

However, the bill adopted on 23 November 2019 contained a clause on further increase of the specified tax up to 15 hryvnyas as of 2020, up to 20 hryvnyas as of 2021, and up to 25 hryvnyas as of 2022.

The amendments prolong VAT exemption on operation with scrap ferrous and nonferrous metals, paper and cardboard for recycling (paper waste) until 2022.

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