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12 more cases of diphtheria registered in Uzhhorod

An outbreak of the disease is gaining momentum.

12 more cases of diphtheria registered in Uzhhorod
Photo: Oleksandr Rudomanov

Twelve more carriers of a toxigenic diphtheria pathogen have been identified among students of the Uzhhorod National University who communicated with a patient hospitalised on 17 October, the city council has said on its website.

Like the person who was hospitalized first, they are all from India, the local news website reported quoting an employee of the Transcarpathian Regional Laboratory Center Lyubov Danych.

The total number of diphtheria cases in Uzhhorod reached 15 people, three of them are already in hospital. Prior to this, there have been no cases of diphtheria in Transcarpathian Region since 2011.

The city anti-epidemic commission will meet in Uzhhorod on 24 October to decide how to tackle the problem. 

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