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Scoop of the weekend: Protest outside Zelenskyy's house, clashes outside Poroshenko's

Scoop of the weekend: Protest outside Zelenskyy's house, clashes outside Poroshenko's


Clashes broke out on 9 October outside the house of Petro Poroshenko, the leader of the European Solidarity Party, between hired heavies (titushki), who wanted to break through to the house, accusing him of cooperation with pro-Russian Viktor Medvedchuk, and ATO veterans who prevented them from doing so, 5 Kanal TV has reported.

According to the media, the heavies used tear gas. Also, according to MP Iryna Herashchenko, there were minors among the protesters.

On Facebook, Petro Poroshenko thanked everyone who came to his defence: "Today we saw that the Russian-speaking titushki are ready to sell Ukraine for money. With this dirty scenario paid for with the money stolen from taxpayers, they are trying to divert attention to avoid responsibility. Thanks to veterans and activists who prevented this from happening."

The standoff between the opponents and supporters of Poroshenko continued on 10 October.


On 10 October, activists held a rally "Automarch of Angry Citizens" outside the house of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Koncha-Zaspa in Kyiv suburbs. Participants held posters saying "Zelenskyy is a servant of Lukashenka", "You will be put on trial for Wagner-gate", and "Zelenskyy will serve term for Kolomoyskyy".

The rally was organized by the Movement of Resistance to Capitulation and the Democratic Axe party. They accused the president of seeking to usurp power, sabotaging the investigation into the alleged derailed mission to arrest Wagner private military company members in 2020, and allowing oligarchs to restore their influence on the country.

Crimean Tatar activist

The Russian occupying authorities have placed the first deputy head of the Crimean Tatar Majlist, Nariman Dzhelyal (Dzhelyalov), into a mental facility to subject him to a so-called "psychological-psychiatric evaluation", Ukraine's First Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzheppar has tweeted. She said such punitive practice is reminiscent of "best" Soviet traditions.

US military assistance

Ukraine has received more than 190,000 pounds of ammunition and first aid supplies from the USA, part of up to $60 million in additional security assistance directed by President Biden to Ukraine in August. "This donation aims to address Russia’s heightened military presence in Crimea and along Ukraine’s borders and comes in addition to the more than $2.5 billion in security assistance the U.S. has given to support Ukraine’s forces since 2014. We remain committed to helping Ukraine counter Russia’s aggression and bringing an end to the conflict in the east," the US embassy said on Facebook.

MP's death

Servant of the People MP Halyna Yanchenko has said that a toxicological examination found traces of alcohol and methadone in the body of MP Anton Polyakov who died in the early hours of 8 October.

"Anton Polyakov's death was the result of a reaction between alcohol and methadone. According to my information, the toxicology showed this," Yanchenko said on Facebook.

Police tend to think Polyakov died of a heart failure but do not rule out poisoning.


On 9 October, Ukraine registered 11,344 new Covid-19 cases, including 162 fatalities.


A 1.5-year-old child in Rivne Region was diagnosed with poliomyelitis last week. His parents had consciously decided against vaccination due to religious beliefs.

After this, the regional authorities decided on holding additional rounds of poliomyelitis vaccination. Unvaccinated children will not be allowed to attend classes.

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