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Cities keep the defence, the enemy's morale is declining - the Armed Forces.

Cases of Russian desertion and voluntary captivity by entire units have been reported.

Cities keep the defence, the enemy's morale is declining - the Armed Forces.
Photo: Operational Command "North"

The morning report states that Russian troops regrouped troops and fired missiles and bombs from the air from the beginning of the day. Attempts have been made to conduct tactical land landings and deploy reconnaissance and sabotage groups to attack civilian and military infrastructure.

According to the Armed Forces, as of 6:00 on 1 March 2022, defensive battles are underway in Sivershchyna to prevent the enemy from advancing to the capital from the northeast.

In the suburbs of Chernihiv, the appearance of separate enemy DRGs was noted, which, with the support of armoured vehicles, tried to break into the city but were destroyed by Ukrainian defenders.

In other areas, tank and mechanized units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with aircraft and artillery support, continue to conduct defensive battles on the occupied borders. Attempts to defeat the enemy by all available means are ongoing.

In Slobozhanshchyna, mechanized brigades and BTGs of Airborne Assault Troops from the operational group are destroying the military forces and equipment of the Russian occupiers, who are trying to enter and restore the position on the first line of defense.

The Kyiv Defense Forces continue to defend the city, to maintain the outer borders of the defense and critical state infrastructure, preventing the occupation units from approaching the capital's suburbs. Active measures are being taken to identify and destroy the DRG of the enemy, who, ignoring the norms of international humanitarian law, disguises himself in the military uniform of the Armed Forces, National Guard and National Police of Ukraine to infiltrate Kyiv through the battle formations of our troops.

The steady defence of our troops rapidly lowers the morale of the enemy and his will to win. Cases of desertion and voluntary surrender by whole units have been recorded.

For the last few days, the Air Forces of Ukraine destroyed five fighter aircrafts, and "Bayraktary" destroyed two tanks and one Buk Ground Force Air Defense System.

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