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European Film Academy supports boycott of Russian films

Russian films will be excluded from this year’s European Film Awards.

European Film Academy supports boycott of Russian films
Photo: Derzhkino

European Film Academy has joined the Ukrainian Film Academy’s initiative to boycott Russian films, reported Ukrainian State Film Agency. 

“Academy strongly condemns the war waged by Russia - sovereignty and territory of Ukraine must be respected. Putin’s actions are cruel and completely unacceptable, and we strongly condemn them… We are well aware that several of our members are fighting armed against the aggressor,” - EFA states. 

The European Film Agency announce that they will exclude Russian films from today’s European Film Awards. 

“We recognize and appreciate those brave Russian directors who oppose this war. But given the brutal and unjustified attack, we must stand by our sisters and brothers in Ukraine, whose lives are in danger,” EFA said. 

The organizers of the Frankfurt Book Fair have suspended collaboration with Russia. And Netflix refused to broadcast 20 Russian federal channels due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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