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Russia wants to block Wikipedia

The reason is a report of an attack on Ukraine.

Russia wants to block Wikipedia

Roskomnadzor threatens to block Wikipedia for the article "Russia's Invasion of Ukraine" (2022). Russian media contain relevant messages linked to the Russian version of the site. The screenshot of the message states that the article includes information on "numerous victims among the Russian military, as well as the civilian population of Ukraine, including children. It also informs about the need to withdraw funds from accounts in Russian banks, caused by sanctions."

As you know, this is not the first time Roskomnadzor has censored the Russian media and the Internet space. So, the day before, several conditionally "opposition" Russian mass media was blocked, particularly Echo of Moscow radio station, Dozhd and Nastoyaschee Vremya TV channels, The New Times magazine regional editions Krym. Realii, Taiga.Info, etc. The reason was that in their columns / on-air "special operation" (according to the Russian authorities) was called "war" and/or "invasion". The word "attack" was also banned. It is unclear whether the blockade threatens individual Wikipedia articles or the entire electronic directory.

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