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The Kadyrovtsy act as anti-retreat forces for Russian troops near Kyiv

They have orders to shoot their own front-line troops, which avoid fighting with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Kadyrovtsy act as anti-retreat forces for Russian troops near Kyiv

According to the member of the parliamentary committee on national security and defense Fedir Venislavsky, there are ‘barrier troops’ of armed Chechens in Kyiv region that prevent the Russian military from surrendering or retreating, reports the Suspilne public broadcaster.

"There is information that barrier troops are formed within Russian military forces. That is, Russia resorts to Stalin’s and Hitler’s methods of waging war,” Venislavsky said.

According to him, such barrier troops or blocking units are stationed in the Kyiv direction, in cities of Irpin, Hostomel, Bucha, near the Kyiv Reservoir (also known as the Kyiv Sea). They gun down the retreating soldiers trying to prevent the unauthorized withdrawal of Russian troops, which are avoiding clashes with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"This allows us to be optimistic as we see the enemy is powerful but not invincible. Our Armed Forces are demonstrating this perfectly. Soon we will show a completely different war which will terrify the Russian invaders,” said a member of the special-purpose committee.

Yesterday, the Chairman of Mykolayiv Regional State Administration Vitaly Kim also told that the Russians want to surrender but they are afraid of being shot. He said there would be green corridors for such Russians so that they can lay down their arms, surrender and not be killed by their own military.

The intelligence service of the Ministry of Defense also reported about the Kadyrovtsy near Kyiv. Of the three Chechen commanders, two have been still alive.

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