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Number of air strike victims in Slobozhanske Kharkiv region grew

Rescuers found the man's body.

Number of air strike victims in Slobozhanske Kharkiv region grew

Iryna Lysohor, head of News department

Rescuers of Kharkiv region continued to search for the bodies of those killed in the enemy bombing all day of March 11 and during the night. It is about the attack on the night of March 9-10, when the air bomb hit a two-story apartment building in the village Slobozhanske.

The bodies of five civilians were found under the rubble - a woman aged 45-47, a woman aged 35-37, a man under 40 and two teenagers aged 12-14. This was reported by the SES [the State Emergency Service].

"In total, rescuers made more than 40 trips to put down fires and dismantle the rubble of destroyed buildings," the statement said.

Pyrotechnicians from the SES continued to dispose of unexploded ordnance. Approximately 40 addresses have been worked out.

Earlier, on the night of March 10 the enemy fired at the house in Slobozhansky. Immediately after the shelling, rescuers found the bodies of two children and two women. On the night of March 10, the enemy fired at Kharkiv 29 times, leaving a third of the city without gas due to damage to the gas pipeline. On March 11, the occupiers hit the Oskilsky psychoneurological boarding school in the Kharkiv region.

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