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Danilov does not believe dialogue with Russia is possible; he is confident the empire will fall into pieces

Negotiations with Russia to end the war against Ukraine are questionable because Russia does not keep its promises. At the same time, the Russian Federation has every chance to disintegrate in the near future. This opinion was expressed today by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov while live on the joint telephonic conference.

Danilov does not believe dialogue with Russia is possible; he is confident the empire will fall into pieces

“As for the dialogue with the Russian Federation – I do not believe in it. I generally think that it is nonsense to have a dialogue with the people who came to kill us. There was a wonderful woman from Kyiv who became the Prime Minister of Israel (Golda Meir - ed.), who said that you will never reach consensus with people who came to kill you. Negotiations are currently underway, and are being conducted by the President's Office headed by Andriy Yermak. They are trying to reach an agreement about humanitarian convoys. And we see that this situation has shifted from a standstill in recent days. Not everywhere, but nevertheless," Danilov said.

Danilov added that Ukraine should rely only on its own capabilities in this war, but that the country leaders are very actively seeking, through diplomatic ways, all the necessary arms for the Ukrainian army. 

"The invasion, with all the locusts that are coming to our Ukraine from all sides, is very, very big. And I clearly understand that in order to fight it, we need as many drones, bullets, shells, MANPADS, and other equipment as we can get. All this we get. But we are well aware that we are at war. Drones are going down, they are being shot down; armored personnel carriers break down, they get burnt, not as much as we burn, but still – this is the situation we have," said Danilov.

The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council stressed that the assistance provided by international partners is also a protection of Europe and the entire civilized world.

"We are ready to destroy this locust in order bring the existence of this pseudo-empire, which is a completely artificial formation, to an end. I have repeatedly said that we will live in the times when the Russian Federation will simply fall apart. We have to wait just a little bit longer, and this process will commence," Danilov said.

As a reminder, the day before US President Joe Biden, while discussing the situation in Ukraine with the journalists, told reporters that the United States is increasing its military assistance to Kyiv – the cost of equipment and weapons will reach an additional 800mon.

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