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Russian personnel losses in Ukraine exceed 14,500

Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed four hundred sixty-six occupying tanks and nearly a hundred planes.

Russian personnel losses in Ukraine exceed 14,500

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has released new data on the losses of the occupying army.

Thus, the press centre of the General Staff reported that the total combat losses of enemies from 24 February to 19 March were approximately the following:

personnel - about 14,400 people,

tanks - 466 units,

armoured combat vehicles - 1470 units,

artillery systems - 213 units,

MLRS - 72 units,

air defense means - 44 units,

aircraft - 95 units,

helicopters - 115 units,

military vehicles - 914 units,

ships / boats - 3 units,

fuel tanks - 60,

UAV operational and tactical level - 17.

Special equipment - 11.

Data are being updated. The high intensity of hostilities complicates the calculation. 

The Ukrainian defenders destroyed several convoys of the Russian equipment in the Sumy and Mykolaiv regions. They also eliminated the commander of the 8th Combines Arms Army of the Southern Military District of the occupier's Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Mordvichov.

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