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Constitution cannot be amended under martial law, Venislavsky on abandoning course to NATO

However, according to him, Ukraine can discuss a neutral status.

Constitution cannot be amended under martial law, Venislavsky on abandoning course to NATO
Fedor Venislavsky
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Ukraine can possibly abandon its NATO bid by removing it from its Constitution. However, the move is not possible, as long as martial law is in place.

Representative of the President in the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, People's Deputy from "Servants of the People" political party Fedir Venislavsky said, according to RBC Ukraine

"Ukraine's course for NATO membership is stated in the Constitution. This is a rather complicated procedure for making changes - two sessions of the Verkhovna Rada, the conclusion of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, and it must also be remembered that in martial law the Constitution cannot be changed, it is a norm of the Constitution itself," he stated. 

According to him, as of neutral status, if territorial integrity is restored, it is possible to end the war and save thousands of lives, it could be the subject of negotiations at the international level.

"But, of course, with guarantees that the repetition of what we have now will not happen again," Venislavsky added. 

As reported earlier, the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk said that his statement about NATO was "taken out of context". Prior to that, the media reported citing Stefanchuk that the Ukrainian authorities will discuss the wording of the country's Euro-Atlantic aspirations after the end of negotiations.

In 2019, the Verkhovna Rada amended the Constitution of Ukraine, which establishes the country's course towards full membership in the European Union and NATO. During the talks, the Russian occupants demanded that this provision be removed from the Constitution of Ukraine.

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