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Prosecutor General appeals to deputies from Opposition Platform — For Life

The Prosecutor General responded to proposals to prosecute all party deputies.

Prosecutor General appeals to deputies from Opposition Platform — For Life

Iryna Venediktova commented on the idea of bringing all deputies of the Opposition Platform - For Life (OPFL) to justice.

On her Facebook page, the Prosecutor General wrote that "prosecutors cannot and will not register proceedings without appropriate reasons that fall within the Criminal Procedure Code and the Criminal Code".

"Meanwhile, I want to appeal to the deputies of the OPFL - do not assume that no one is interested in your activities. We are investigating a sufficient number of cases in which direct or indirect participation in the preparation of hostilities against Ukraine, property issues, etc. are learned" Venediktova noted.

She noted that many people had drastically changed their previous pro-Russian rhetoric and become "real Ukrainian Cossacks".

"But there are those who were forced, sorry, to shut their mouths because the aggressor's plan to seize Ukraine failed. We also know and will not forgive such people," the Prosecutor General added.

She stressed that "patriotism does not begin at the moment of crossing the Ukrainian border with bags full of money in the same cabin with those who should be on the front line".

On 29 March, Iryna Venediktova announced that OPFL deputy Ilya Kiwa was under new suspicion.

On 20 March, the National Security and Defense Council decided to suspend the activities of the OPFL, the Opposition Bloc, the Shariy’s Party, and others.

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