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Ukraine will repair military equipment in Bulgaria – Zelenskyy

Bulgaria has also offered its port as a logistics hub for the agricultural products transshipment.

Ukraine will repair military equipment in Bulgaria – Zelenskyy
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Ukraine is now defending the values of the whole of Europe and the world, freedom for every European nation. It is now and in Ukraine being decided whether other European nations live free and democratically.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reported this during his joint press conference with Bulgaria's Prime Minister Kiril Petkov on the occasion of his visit to Kyiv.

"Today in the conversation with the Prime Minister of Bulgaria we agreed on establishing cooperation for repairing Ukrainian military equipment in Bulgaria's production facilities. I'm convinced that this cooperation will be beneficial for the Bulgarian economy. And for us deadlines are essential because we're fighting this war daily," – Zelenskyy stated.

He also reported that Ukraine was ready to supply electricity to Bulgaria and was interested in diversification of gas supply, in particular through the Trans-Balkan gas pipeline. The agreements on transporting Ukrainian products through the Black Sea port of Varna were reached.

"The Ukrainian side will provide the necessary facilitation regarding the Bulgarian ship that is blocked in the city Chornomorsk," – Zelenskyy added.

Petkov, in his turn, mentioned that Ukraine would certainly win in this war and the European states would be helping it in this. 

"We have a lot of areas of support. Bulgaria will be glad to facilitate the export of Ukrainian electricity to Bulgaria. Bulgaria will be absolutely happy to offer the seaport Varna as a logistics hub for flour transshipment. Speaking about energy security, Bulgaria can actively join helping Ukraine in using the Trans-Balkan pipeline," – Petkov stated.

Bulgaria also expressed its interest in the post-war reconstruction of one of the southern Ukrainian regions.

"Your request concerning repair and reconstruction of some heavy military equipment on the enterprises in Bulgaria – I think it will be a good opportunity for Ukraine and Bulgaria. We will be pleased to provide such help," – the Prime Minister stated.

Petkov highlighted that the EU should give a clear message that Ukraine is a member of the European family and Bulgaria supports it on its way to the EU.

Kiril Petkov arrived in Ukraine today for his first visit leading a Bulgarian government delegation. The guests visited the Kyiv region where they saw with their own eyes the destruction caused by the russian aggression. Bulgaria's Prime Minister is accompanied by Defence Minister Dragomir Zakov, members of parliament Kaloyan Ikonomov, Stanislav Balabanov, and Atanas Atanasov, as well as the head of the Situation Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Anton Markov.

Last week, Petkov called on his co-citizens to donate their salaries to help Ukraine. He posted on his Facebook saying that he had launched a public campaign to raise funds that would be transferred to the Ukrainian government.

Bulgaria can't provide military equipment since it doesn't have enough of it.

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