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Zelenskyy: There is global antimilitary coalition against russia

According to the President, Ukraine gets aid from tens of countries.

Zelenskyy: There is global antimilitary coalition against russia

There is a global antimilitary coalition, created against russia, announced Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his appeal to the nation.

“The lessons of the history are obvious. If you are going to build the Third Reich, you’ll lose. If you are going to destroy your neighbors, you will lose. If you want to renovate the old empire, you will lose. And if you go up against the Ukrainians, you will lose.

Two months we needed to created a global antimilitary coalition. Russia is already under the sanctions that leave it without a future. Ukraine is getting support from tens of the countries. This support is provided with weapons, finance, goods, direct political support,” said Zelenskyy.

He reminded that Ukraine is speeding up its move to the European Union. It has already filled in a special questionnaire that each state, acquiring the status of the member candidate, got.

“Though the war is still here, we are already working on the creation of the basis for Ukraine’s revival. These are the international agreements of different levels. This is the creation of special funds for rebuilding our state.

Even now, when russia is trying to invade our territory, we are demonstrating that we will give our free Ukraine more opportunities for the development than Russia can give not only to the occupied part of our territory but also to its own territory, its own state,” concluded the President.

Earlier, Volodymyr Zelenskyy also admitted that for the victory in the war, one needs to make each day of occupiers in Ukraine unbearable. 

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