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Putin has brought war even closer to Hungarian border with his attack on Zakarpattia - MFA

Without peace and safety in Ukraine, there will be no peace and safety in Hungary.

Putin has brought war even closer to Hungarian border with his attack on Zakarpattia - MFA
Oleh Nikolenko
Photo: Ukrinform

With the attack on Zakarpattia, russian president Vladimir Putin once again demonstrated that the war in Ukraine concerns not only Ukraine but also Hungary, no matter how much Budapest tries to ignore this fact.

That was reported by the spokesman of the MFA Oleh Nikolenko.

This was his comment on the statement of Hungarian Foreign Ministry Secretary of State Tomash Menzer on Kossuth Radio that the first missile attack in the Zakarpattia region only confirms the correctness of Hungary's refusal on the transit of weapons to Ukraine.

“The missile attacks leave no doubt: russian evil can only be defeated by joint efforts. We should not hope that political concessions will quench russia's aggressive appetites. Putin does not distinguish between nationalities when he orders his troops to eliminate people. There are no partners or allies for him. He is bound to strike a treacherous blow. It is only a matter of time and circumstances,” the report says.

Nikolenko stressed that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, had already pointed out that without peace and safety in Ukraine, there would be no peace and safety in Hungary. By attacking Zakarpattia, Putin brought the war even closer to the Hungarian border. 

“We do not wish for the Hungarian people to experience the horrors that Ukrainians are now going through. At the same time, Europe does not exist in a vacuum. Every European country must make an effort for peace. By helping to stop russia in Ukraine, Hungary will, first of all, strengthen its own security,” the spokesman of the MFA stressed.

Ukraine hopes that Hungary will promote unity in the EU, including in terms of the embargo on russian oil and the provision of military aid to Ukraine, he added.

On May 3, russia struck Zakarpattya, a Ukrainian region bordering Hungary and home to a large Hungarian community, for the first time with missiles. The enemy missile hit a substation near the train station.

On May 2, Secretary of National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov said that russia had warned Hungary in advance about an attack on Ukraine. 

The Hungarian leadership has repeatedly stated that there will be no arms supplies to Ukraine via Hungary.

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