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"Brought bodies were not loaded here." How identification and exhumation of bodies in Bucha morgue is going

The Ukrainian Witness project published a video from Bucha, a city that has suffered from russian executioners for 33 days.

Ukrainian troops liberated the Kyiv region from occupation in early April. However, identification of the bodies of people killed and tortured by the russian military in the region is still ongoing. More about this - in the video of the project "Ukrainian Witness".

The video shows the courtyard of the Bucha morgue. There are refrigerators with the bodies of the Kyiv region residents killed and tortured by russian troops during the occupation. There is not enough space in the morgue, so the bodies of these refrigerators will later go to other morgues.

"Relatives are gathering around trying to find their loved ones for several weeks," said a volunteer named Maksym." The policeman who opens the bag takes out the accompanying documents and reads them. All this is recorded, then the number plate is attached," the volunteer added.

Volunteers help citizens search for missing relatives.

"Many people could not recognize their loved ones," says volunteer Eugene. And he adds: "A lot of time has passed, and the bodies come to a state in which they can no longer be recognized."

Citizens looking for their relatives will be able to pass the tests. Then they are compared with DNA samples of bodies - this will be done by specialists who came to Bucha from France. If the relatives are far away, they will later be able to apply to the prosecutor's office for this purpose.

A citizen named Natalia tells about the search for her son. According to her, the last time she saw him was on March 3. "There was no connection or light," the woman said. "Phones were discharged. Orcs came on March 5 and took away [phone] cards." She says that she appealed to both the police and the military, went to the Center for administrative services. "The whole family hopes he is alive," adds Natalia. 

The occupation of Bucha lasted almost 33 days: russian troops entered here on the morning of February 27 and left the city on the evening of March 31.

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