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Occupiers carry out massive raids in Chaplynka

They are stealing harvest and taking it to Crimea.

Occupiers carry out massive raids in Chaplynka
Photo: Main Intelligence Directorate

Russian occupiers have stepped up pressure on residents in Chaplynka, Kherson Region. They have been searching private garages since 29 June.

If the owners are not present, they use Tigr armoured vehicles and break down the gates, the Main Intelligence Directorate has said.

"Searches are carried out in great detail - right down to digging up the ground in basements in search of caches," the intelligence agency reported.

The russians have occupied a private pharmacy and set up their own there. They brought medicines for it from Crimea and assigned "their own man" to control and take away cash.

In addition, all the crops harvested in Chaplynka are taken to Crimea. They also steal the remainder of the last year grain.

In Kherson Region, the russian troops have mined fields and roads in many villages, all transport has been stolen, shops and pharmacies are out of order, and there is no possibility of receiving pensions.

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