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Russia throws in packs of fresh draftees in Luhansk Region – Hayday

They get killed en masse.

Russia throws in packs of fresh draftees in Luhansk Region – Hayday
Photo: Main Intelligence Directorate

Russia has accumulated considerable reserves of "freshly mobilised" soldiers from Svatove to Kreminna in Luhansk Region, the head of the Luhansk regional military administration, Serhiy Hayday, has said.

According to him, there is a huge number of Russian military in this area.

"Quite a huge number of these soldiers... They are still lethally dangerous because there is a huge number of them, but they do not know any military science, they do not know, they are not trained. But there are a lot of them," Hayday said.

He noted that the Russian command has not changed the tactics of warfare, which is why a large number of its troops are getting killed.

"I was on the frontline, talked to our soldiers, they say the situation is as follows. The tactics have not changed at all. Several hours of shelling in a row. Then they send a platoon or more soldiers, they all die - and the situation repeats. That is, the next waves are walking on their own corpses, which litter all the wood belts," he said.

Hayday added that despite the complexity of the situation, Ukrainian defenders are gradually moving forward.

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