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Near Pavlivka 80 occupiers killed, up to 60 wounded

There was a mass surrender of the mobilised in the Luhansk area.

Near Pavlivka 80 occupiers killed, up to 60 wounded
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Photo: General Staff/Facebook

The eastern front remains the main epicentre of the war. The fiercest battles and the most aggressive actions of the enemy are taking place here, in particular in the Bakhmut area of Donetsk Region, and in the Avdiyivka area, near Vuhledar.

Active fighting continues near Bilohorivka and Novoselivka in Luhansk Region, the spokesman of the Eastern grouping of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Serhiy Cherevatyy said on television.

The enemy is constantly conducting assault actions. There were five attacks on Bakhmut. There were hostilities in the area of Pavlivka, and Russians suffered significant losses: "More than 80 personnel were killed, up to 60 wounded".

The occupiers failed to succeed in any of the sectors. Our defenсe withstood and repelled the enemy.

Cherevatyy added that there are cases of mass surrender. On 7 November, 20 "newly mobilised" surrendered in Luhansk Region.

Russians who want to surrender can use the chatbot "I want to live bot". Through it, the Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War accepts appeals from servicemen and guarantees compliance with the Geneva Conventions on the treatment of prisoners of war.

There is also a hotline available: +38 066 580 34 98, +38 093 119 29 84.

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