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Zelenskyy: "The enemy does not make us gifts or 'gestures of goodwill', we fight for it all"

And when you fight, you must understand that every step always causes the enemy's resistance, it is always the loss of lives of our heroes.

Zelenskyy: "The enemy does not make us gifts or 'gestures of goodwill', we fight for it all"
Photo: Ukrainian presidential office

There is a lot of joy in the information space today, and it is clear why. But our emotions must be restrained as always during the war. Ukraine will definitely not feed the enemy with all the details of operations - whether in the south, in the east or anywhere else. When we have our result, everyone will see it, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in his evening address.

"Today the day began very early with a meeting of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Staff. We analysed the situation on the frontline in detail. South, east... Very carefully - Donbas. Now the biggest confrontation is in Donetsk Region, it is very important, a lot is being decided there. Any losses there are losses further in the country. Therefore, we stand. We stand firm. We do not surrender anything. I thank each of our heroes who restrain these terrible attacks of the occupiers. Constant attacks. South. We are gradually moving, strengthening our positions step by step," Zelenskyy said.

He added that it must be understood: no-one withdraws anywhere just like that unless they face strength. The enemy does not make us gifts, does not make "gestures of goodwill". We fight for it all. And when you fight, you must understand that every step always causes the resistance of the enemy, it is always the loss of lives of our heroes.

"Therefore, we move very carefully, without emotions, without unnecessary risk. In the interests of liberation of our entire land and in order to minimize losses. This is how we will ensure the liberation of Kherson, Kakhovka, Donetsk and our other cities. But it will be the result of our efforts, our defensive operations. Those that are ongoing and those that are still planned.

And I want to warn once again separately everyone in Moscow who makes the relevant decisions: any attempt to blow up the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant and flood our territory and dehydrate the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant will mean your declaration of war to the whole world. Think what will happen to you then," Zelenskyy stressed.

He added that the Staff also discussed the supply and production of our weapons, the repair of equipment, the strengthening of our air and missile defence, which continues, the restoration of critical infrastructure, especially energy facilities, after Russian terrorist strikes.

"As of this evening, there are stabilisation restrictions of electricity supply in 15 regions and the city of Kyiv. There are no emergency shutdowns. Wherever electricity is cut off, it should be done according to the published schedules. Please, if your house or street is disconnected today not according to the schedule, please inform the local authorities and representatives of the energy company that serves you. They must correct the situation and adhere to the schedule," he noted.

Today, the president spoke with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte about the restoration of our energy sector and protection of the Ukrainian sky. They have separately discussed the grain export initiative, the fundamental need to extend and expand our grain exports, and agreed to cooperate even more closely to support Ukrainian initiatives in the UN.

"Tomorrow will be a very active negotiating day - a lot of contacts are planned. These days we are completing our preparations for the possible participation of Ukraine in the G20 summit next week. The Ukrainian position has been formed. As always, our position will meet the interests of global security," Zelenskyy stressed.

The president signed another decree on awarding 106 servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with state awards.

"Today is the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language and the All-Ukrainian Day of Culture Workers and Masters of Folk Art. The dictation of national unity was also held. I thank everyone who joined the dictation, it is an important annual tradition.

And you know... I want to congratulate today not only those who teach languages and literature, work in the field of culture and preserve folk art. I want to congratulate all our people. Ukraine has withstood. Ukraine is putting up resistance. And it will definitely defend itself," he promised.

Zelenskyy stressed that it is no longer a question of whether Ukraine and everything Ukrainian should exist. Ukraine is. Ukraine will be.

"And our enemies will perish - perish like dew in the sun. Or like Russian crossings under the strikes of HIMARS," the president summed up.

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