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Ukraine in talks with partners to replenish S-300 missiles - Reznikov

Ukraine does not manufacture such systems on its own.

Ukraine in talks with partners to replenish S-300 missiles - Reznikov
Oleksiy Reznikov
Photo: CNN

Ukraine is negotiating with partners the ways of replenishing stocks of S-300 missiles, Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov has said at a briefing with Spanish Defence Minister Margarita Robles in Odesa.

"With my colleagues-ministers of defence of the countries that also have S-300 in service, we are negotiating the possibility of replenishing this stock of missiles from their warehouses and arsenals," he said.

He recalled that Ukraine does not produce S-300 missiles. The stocks are used to counter Russian attacks. Since the systems are very effective, there is a need for constant replenishment of missiles.

Reznikov also added that he is holding talks with all states "from Japan to the United States" on the supply of S-300.

He said that the defence industries of other countries should focus on replenishing the stocks of "the armed forces of the national armies of the countries that help us".

"Because wonderful German IRIS-T or NASAMS systems - they need missiles. Each volley of Russian missiles [means] we use air defence missiles," Reznikov added.

Earlier, in a video address to the participants of the Kyiv Security Forum, Reznikov said that Russia "needs a pause in the war at any cost".

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