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Russia may massively attack Ukraine again - Operational Command South

It is necessary to prepare for the long-lasting consequences of the attack that will need time to be dealt with.

Russia may massively attack Ukraine again - Operational Command South
Nataliya Humeniuk
Photo: Anna Steshenko

Russia may again massively attack Ukraine with missiles, said Nataliya Humeniuk, a spokeswoman for the Operational Command South, on the air of a telethon.

At the same time, she urged Ukrainians not to "wait" for a strike, as it is one of the most exhausting elements of hybrid warfare.

"That is why we emphasise that the probability of a strike is high. It can be very massive. However, you should not stress yourself to the point of actually waiting for it, Humeniuk said.

She also noted that during the attacks, an air alert and danger warnings are always announced. In addition, Humeniuk stressed, it is necessary to prepare that the consequences of a massive strike will be long and will take some time to eliminate.

Humeniuk warned about the possible "relaxation" effect since, despite the "expectations", the shelling did not happen.

The previous massive missile attack was carried out by Russians on 23 November.

On 28 November, Russia again deployed a missile carrier to the Black Sea.

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