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SBU Head about Crimean bridge: "We have to cut the enemy's logistics"

Vasyl Malyuk promised that Ukrainians would learn details about the explosions at the occupiers' illegal constructions after the victory of Ukraine.

SBU Head about Crimean bridge: "We have to cut the enemy's logistics"
Vasyl Malyuk
Photo: Screen shot

Ukraine has to cut off the enemy's logistics, carried out through the illegally built Crimean bridge, acting Head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Vasyl Malyuk said in an interview with journalist Nataliya Moseychuk.

"Crimean bridge. According to the norms of international law, the legislation of Ukraine, customs and traditions of warfare and the operational situation, we are simply obliged to cut off the enemy's logistics. At the same time, today I cannot somehow comment on this or tell you any details. Everything will be known over time," he said.

Malyuk added that it is very interesting to observe the Russian pseudo-investigation of the explosions on the bridge that took place in October: the occupiers detained 22 of their fellow citizens, they are torturing them and conducting polygraph examinations.

The Head of SBU noted that Ukrainians would know all the details after the victory. He also added that Russians should continue to expect "greetings".

On 8 October, explosions occurred on the Crimean bridge. Russians claimed that a fuel tank at the back of a freight train caught fire. Later, it was reported that the explosion on the Crimean bridge was caused by a truck, and a car was also damaged.

Sources in Ukrainian law enforcement agencies reported that the explosion of the Crimean bridge was a special operation of the Security Service of Ukraine. At the same time, the SBU has not yet officially commented on its participation in these events.

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