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Hromov: Russia may intensify actions to seize left-bank part of Zaporizhzhya Region

The enemy seeks to exhaust Ukraine.

Hromov: Russia may intensify actions to seize left-bank part of Zaporizhzhya Region
Photo: Ukraine Media Center

The main goal of Russia remains the capture of the entire territory of Ukraine and the destruction of its statehood. The enemy, having failed to achieve its goals in 2022, decided to wage a war of attrition.

Putin's regime is trying to gain time, counting on the exhaustion of the Ukrainian economy, defence forces and international allies, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksiy Hromov said at a briefing.

"In the nearest future, the enemy is expected to attempt to reach the administrative borders of Donetsk Region. Later it may intensify actions to capture the left-bank part of Zaporizhzhya Region," he stressed.

The Kremlin will continue to attack energy facilities throughout Ukraine. The intensity of the attacks will depend on the ability of the Russian military-industrial complex to produce munitions. It will also be influenced by Iran, which supplies Russians with UAVs.

According to the General Staff, Russia is also going to form at least 20 new divisions and reach a total army strength of 1.5 million people. These plans indicate the Kremlin's intentions to engage in a long-term confrontation and large-scale combat operations.

At the same time, significant losses of personnel and equipment, sanctions and analysis of Russia's actions raise doubts that the enemy can achieve its goals within the specified timeframe.

During the current year, the threat of an offensive from the territory of Belarus will remain: the enemy can use the announced joint military exercises for maneuvers of its army. At the same time, there are currently no signs of preparations for a strike group to resume offensive actions from Belarus.

Russia continues to move its units to Belarus. And the Russians have relocated about 10 helicopters to the Machulishchy airfield. Military aircraft are also expected to be relocated. The threat of missile and air strikes and the use of UAV strikes from Belarusian territory is increasing.

According to the morning data of the General Staff, no enemy offensive groups were detected in Volyn, Polissya, Siversk and Slobozhansk areas.

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