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Ukraine receives second IRIS-T air defence system from Germany

In total, Germany has promised to transfer four such systems to Ukraine.

Ukraine receives second IRIS-T air defence system from Germany

A few days ago, Germany handed over the second of four promised IRIS-T air defence systems and 16 guided missiles to Ukraine, Spiegel has reported.

The first IRIS-T was delivered to Ukraine in October last year. Egypt, which ordered several systems from Diehl Defence, handed over the firing unit to Ukraine.

The ground-based air defence system showed excellent performance in the winter in the Kyiv area. It made an important contribution to protecting civilian infrastructure from attacks by missiles, cruise missiles and drones. Attacks on electricity sources have been at the heart of Russian attacks aimed at making cities uninhabitable.

It is not yet known when the other two IRIS-T systems promised by the federal government will arrive in Ukraine. They have yet to be manufactured.

The anti-aircraft missiles are capable of hitting targets at an altitude of up to 20 km and at a distance of up to 40 km.

Germany recently handed over the Patriot air defence system to Ukraine. Our country also received missiles for air defence systems and Zetros trucks.

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