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Russia builds drone production facility with Iran's help - CNN

The construction of the factory may be completed by the beginning of 2024. 

Russia builds drone production facility with Iran's help - CNN
Photo: DW

US intelligence officials believe that the drone factory that Russia is building with the help of Iran could have a significant impact on the war, reports CNN.

During a briefing on Friday, Defence Intelligence Agency analysts told reporters that a drone factory construction would provide Russia with a new supply of drones that are "much more bigger" than what them could buy in Iran today", the report says.

Analysts believe construction may be finished by next year.

Russia is increasing the production of kamikaze drones and is starting a joint project with Iran for the production of Shaheds.

The project works in Yelabuga (Republic of Tatarstan). Experts rate it at 115-130bn roubles, its production capacity at 40,000 sq m.

The US also reported in June that Iran supplied Russia with materials to manufacture drones in Tatarstan, as the Kremlin hopes to ensure a steady supply of weapons for its invasion of Ukraine.

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