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Ukrenergo resorts to Romanian help due to consumption spike

The cost of foreign energy is high.

Ukrenergo resorts to Romanian help due to consumption spike
Photo: Ukrhydroenergo

A new summer consumption record was set in Ukraine's power system at 9 p.m. yesterday, 16 August. It was 0.4% higher than the previous maximum set on 19 July, Ukrenergo has said on Telegram.

It is noted that due to shorter daylight hours and cloudy weather in some regions, solar power plants produced less electricity in the evening, when consumption was highest. The amount of energy that was being imported at the time was insufficient to compensate for the difference between consumption and generation.

Therefore, Ukrenergo took emergency power from Romania from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. with a capacity of 400 MW per hour to cover consumption.

"However, emergency assistance is the last resort to overcome the power shortage in the power system, and the cost of such electricity is high," Ukrenergo stressed.

The company also noted that 10,000 consumers in Dnipropetrovsk Region were cut off from power due to a nighttime missile attack. The power supply has now been restored in full.

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