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SBU drone hits power substation in Kursk Region, sources say

The SBU pointed out that Russia would face backlash in response to attacks against Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

SBU drone hits power substation in Kursk Region, sources say
Photo: Sources

Seven Russian settlements were cut off from electricity supply as a result of a drone strike on a power substation in Kursk Region.

According to's sources in the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), it was the SBU's drone that dropped an explosive device on a power substation in the village of Snagost, Kursk Region.

"The Russians must understand that if they continue to attack Ukrainian energy facilities, they will face strong backlash. Our resources allow us to do this," the source added.

The attack on the substation took place last night. Volunteer Serhiy Sternenko wrote on X that donations to his campaign contributed to the power outage in Kursk Region.

Last year, Russia deliberately attacked Ukraine's energy infrastructure in autumn and winter. In particular, it targeted thermal power plants. The systematic shelling affected the power supply to all regions, necessitating blackouts for many hours across the country for months, and in some places, the attacks left Ukrainians without electricity for several days.

This year, the Russians started hitting the energy infrastructure as early as September, with the first attack on 26 September. It was the first attack on the energy sector in six months.

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