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Ukraine's use of ATACMS to speed up counteroffensive - Humenyuk

Russia has stepped the use of aviation.

Ukraine's use of ATACMS to speed up counteroffensive - Humenyuk
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The destruction of Russian targets in the deep rear is one of the main elements that enables the Ukrainian Armed Forces to take more active steps along the front line and advance, Natalya Humenyuk, spokesperson for the Operational Command South, has said at a briefing at the Media Centre Ukraine - Ukrinform.

"Since the enemy has recently intensified its aviation activity, it was clear that we needed to attack the areas of its capabilities. This is exactly what happened, and the result is obvious," she said.

According to Humenyuk, each such missile (ATACMS) is an opportunity to destroy the enemy, and it should be used by the military as efficiently as possible.

"No matter how many of them there are, they will all be targeted," Humenyuk added.

Ukraine's military used newly delivered US long-range ATACMS missiles against Russia for the first time on Tuesday after President Joe Biden overcame his long-standing reluctance to provide the weapons, allowing the Pentagon to secretly deliver them in the last few days.

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