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Russians launch missile attack on enterprise in Zaporizhzhya (update)

One person was preliminarily injured. 

Russians launch missile attack on enterprise in Zaporizhzhya (update)
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On Tuesday morning at 8:51 a.m., during an air raid, the enemy launched a missile attack on the territory of an enterprise in one of Zaporizhzhya’s districts, according to Zaporizhzhya RMA head Yuriy Malashko. 

The type of missile is currently being clarified. According to preliminary information, it may be one of the modifications of the Iskander ballistic missile.

As of now, it is known about one person who was lightly injured. The blast wave damaged one of the stores located near the impact site. 

Updated. As a result of the morning missile attack on Zaporizhzhya by the Russian Federation, 7 high-rise buildings were damaged. This was reported on Facebook by the acting mayor of Zaporizhzhya, Anatoliy Kurtev.

"Utilities have started to repair the damage caused by today's missile strike. Damage has been recorded in 7 high-rise buildings. Specialists of the municipal emergency service are covering the broken windows with OSB sheets," he wrote.

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