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Ihnat denies Russian claims about downing of Ukrainian Su-24

He reminded that Russians "down" several aircraft every day in their reports. 

Ihnat denies Russian claims about downing of Ukrainian Su-24
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The large landing assault ship destroyed in the port of Feodosiya could have had powerful ammunition on board. Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat said this during a telethon.

Ihnat stressed that there could be more such cases. What exactly was on board is being investigated.

On the Svoboda Ranok programme of Radio Liberty, Ihnat added that the Russians' fake that the Ukrainians allegedly shot down the Su-24 that hit the large assault ship is a fake.

Ihnat stressed that Russia will try to feed its naive population information about the "destruction" of Ukrainian aviation.

"Of course, I do not confirm [the information about the destruction]. Every day they say that they 'destroy' five of our aircraft in their reports," he said.

He added that the strike was carried out by cruise missiles provided by Ukraine's partners (such a missile could be Storm Shadow/SCALP).

"We can see how powerful the explosion was, what the detonation was like. It was no longer a missile, it was an exploded ammunition: we may find out later whether it were Shaheds or ammunition," he said.

The spokesman added that the LLS is used to transport equipment, weapons and personnel. This ship could have been used to transport ammunition to the ports of the occupied territories. 

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