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Danilov says 20% of Russian fleet destroyed

Among the destroyed ships are large amphibious assault ships. 

Danilov says 20% of Russian fleet destroyed
The Novocherkassk assault ship
Photo: Militarnyy

Ukraine would like to have a much better situation in terms of liberating its territory from the enemy. But at the same time, important events were taking place in the Black Sea, Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council, told Voice of America.

Ukraine managed to destroy almost a quarter of the Russian fleet. In particular, large landing ships.

"As for this situation, 20% of the Russian Federation's fleet is destroyed. And these are not some kind of scows for 5-30 people. These are huge warships that we sent to the place where we sent the famous flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, Moskva, on 13 April 22," he said.

Danilov added that Crimea is extremely important for Ukraine, as well as other territories.

"Someone has a strong desire for us to give up our territories, I want to explain to everyone that we have a Constitution that clearly enshrines the territories of our country. They are recognised by the whole world. And I don't know any politicians who believe that we cannot fulfil the Constitution of our country," he said. 

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