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Ukraine's Armed Forces: Russia uses Storm Z units, aviation to advance in Bakhmut sector

Heavy fighting continues in the Bakhmut sector.

Ukraine's Armed Forces: Russia uses Storm Z units, aviation to advance in Bakhmut sector
Photo: Kostyantyn and Vlada Liberov

Russians are trying to actively advance in the direction of Chasiv Yar in Donetsk Region, where intense fighting continues. In addition, they are using aviation and trying to reinforce their troops with Storm Z and Storm V units, the head of the press service of the Eastern Military Group, Illya Evlash, has told the news telethon, Ukrinform reports.

Yevlash said that intense fighting continues in the Bakhmut sector. The enemy is trying to advance in the direction of Chasiv Yar, namely near Ivanivka and Bohdanivka.

"There are fierce battles on the outskirts, the enemy is using reserves, trying to reinforce its troops with various units - Storm Z, Storm V. In addition, every third company in the battalion is an assault company. That is, the emphasis is on this," the spokesman explained.

Kadyrov's men are also trying to attack near Klishchiyivka and Kurdyumivka. One of these units was recently destroyed by a Ukrainian Armed Forces brigade in this area.

"Losses of heavy equipment are very high - 60%. That is, three out of five vehicles, if there is some kind of attack or infantry infiltration, they lose 60% of their equipment," said Yevlash.

The situation remains difficult in the Kupyansk sector: Kupyansk and Kupyansk-junction remain priority targets for the Russians.

"The enemy most likely sees the expediency of attacking us at this very moment, in this very place with all available forces and means. Synkivka has been under attack for a very long time, they have been trying to attack it since autumn, but nothing happened," said the spokesman. Some 275 Russian occupiers and 73 pieces of enemy weapons and military equipment were destroyed and wounded in the Lyman-Kupyansk sector.

"Over the last day, the enemy attacked six times in the Lyman-Kupyansk sector, using Su-34 and Su-35 aircraft. In one run, such aircraft drops two to four guided air bombs on the positions of the Armed Forces. It even uses them against mortar and tank positions. In other words, it does not spare these bombs at all. The enemy also carried out 33 strikes on our positions with drones. These were both Lancets and FPV drones," the spokesman added.

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