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Ukraine recovers bodies of 100 fallen defenders

After identification, they will be handed over to their families for burial. 

Ukraine recovers bodies of 100 fallen defenders

Ukraine has returned the bodies of 100 fallen defenders. This was reported by the Coordination HQ for the Treatment of POWs.

After identification, the bodies will be handed over to the families for a decent burial.

"The Armed Forces of Ukraine ensure the transportation of recovered bodies and remains to designated state institutions for transfer to law enforcement officials and forensic experts to identify them," the statement said.

The fallen defenders were returned thanks to the cooperation of the Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War with the Joint Centre at the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (Secretariat of the Commissioner for Persons Missing in Special Circumstances), the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Central Military Command), the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, and other representatives of the security and defence sector of Ukraine. 

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